Wes Griffin

Occupation : landscaper
Favourite venue : club water in cotsworld
PB’s : 32.3lb mirror U.K., 28lb common U.K., 48.1lb mirror France, 36.6 common Spain, 198lb catfish Spain

I have been fishing for Carp the last 4 years and have explored many fishing venues including places in England, France and Spain in this time. It all came about when I took my first trip to a local water in the UK with a friend of mine, I had my first ever carp just over double figure marks which got me hooked instantly! As I started to get more knowledge and insight into carp fishing my angling started to improve which quickly started showing in the results I was getting. I dedicate a lot of my time into Carp fishing which hasn’t always been easy, but it’s not just a hobby it’s also become a way of life and something I will always have great passion for.