Tristan Smith

Tristan Smith Eclipse baits tier 2 tester

Name : Tristan Smith
Profession: Driving instructor
Favourite rig/method : Depending on the conditions on the day my go to rigs are naked helicopter set ups with a combi rig and wafter hook bait, The stiff hinge rig for any pop up work but I never forget the simple bottom bait hair rig which is devastating in it’s own right in the right circumstances
Favourite Bait: On the venues I fish, a high quality food bait is essential and the cream supreme is my chosen bait. I’ve chosen this bait primarily because its packed with goodness, the carp love it and it will keep them returning to feed!

My passion for angling started way back when I was 5 years old with a length of willow branch, 3lb line and the smallest hooks to nylon I could raid from my dads tackle box. The target used to be sticklebacks, gudgeon and once (a moment I’ll never forget) a stunning wild brownie of about 8oz. Those long summer evenings spent on the brook running through the back of my best mates garden had me captivated by angling and all it had to offer. I just loved everything about it from the wildlife, the piece and quiet to the time spent with mates, you could say I was well and truly hooked pardon the pun! I then moved onto my local club lakes chasing perch, roach, dace and chub first mastering the whip and the pole then onto the feeder and float rods. This went on for a season or two as I honed my skills before i hooked a carp at the start of an early morning session after cycling the 3 miles with seatbox on my back with my rods tied to my bike frame. The fight from this carp at 5lb 6oz rocked my senses and I needed more!  I worked cutting grass and any other job I could to earn the money to buy my first carp set up and coupled with christmas gifts that year, I was at the start of my carping adventures. I stayed on the local lakes before moving around as far as I could get, fishing after school, in the holidays overnight (when the bailiff didnt boot us off for not having a senior with us). This carried on all through college and my apprenticeship right up to present day where I fish every second I can family life permitting. To this day I’m still just as passionate about all types of fishing with specimen perch, pike and tench being amongst my favourites but carp fishing is my deepest passion. My kids share this passion and I spend most of my time with them on the amazing Emperor lakes syndicate in deepest darkest Devon where my angling has grown and adapted. The lake is a difficult venue and home to some very old, very special fish. My pb common of 43lb 4oz and pb mirror 45lb 6oz have both come from this majestic lake as have some of the best looking carp I’ve ever caught. I’ve just obtained another ticket for a very old reservoir in Devon which is almost never fished as it is in the middle of nowhere and has a fairly unknown stock so I’m excited to see what the Emperor syndicate and new reservoir throw up for me in the near future!