Tier 2 Testers

Jade Martin eclipse baitsName : Jade Martin
Occupation : Website Assistant
UK P.B : 26lb 8oz
favourite venue : Chelmer Canal
favourite boilie : Virus

I only began fishing last April after begging dad for years, started on benfleet hall to get the hang of rig tying and fish care etc, once confident there we then had fortnightly socials on crow green which my first fish out of there was a 53lb cat! I had mostly catfish in the summer there so we began a little campaign on the chelmer and black water canal just me and dad. First over nighter and I had a 17lb 7 mirror which was my pb at the time, that week followed with my current UK pb mirror of 25lb 9, we had many nights there and by the end of the summer I was confident finding my own spots, casting my rods myself and never blanked a night! In November we arranged my first France trip which was to Flores, I came home happy with a 24 and 32lb mirror! This year has been quite due to work although I had an epic trip to domaine de boux in France in March where I had 5 20’s, 4 30’s 6 40’s and my current foreign pb a 52lb common which was massive!! Hoping to spend some time pike fishing on the canal this winter before beginning it all again early spring!


Andy Lyon Eclipse BaitsName : Andy Lyon
Occupation : Angling Coach
UK P.B : 38lb 12oz
favourite venue : Boreham Mere
favourite boilie : TBD

I started fishing 19 years ago on a small farm lake catching Rudd, Roach, Skimmers and Gudgeon. After a few trips I managed to land a small double figured carp on sweetcorn, ever since then I have been crazy about angling and Carp. I don’t really fish the busy circuit waters as I like the peace and quiet, the only time you will find me on these are on tutorials. Yes I decided to turn my passion of carp fishing into my job, I love helping people put more carp on the bank and upping there current PB.


Rob Taylor Eclipse BaitsName : Rob Taylor
UK P.B : 39lb 8oz Mirror
Favorite Venues : Snake Pit
Favorite bait : TBC

I was a mad keen angler as a boy in the 70ís whilst growing up in the Kent countryside. Mainly float fishing for silvers & whatever came along on still & flowing waters. I discovered Crucian Carp while fishing (poaching) a tiny pond in Dunton Green, Kent. I remember it vividly. The Crucians were probably only æ of a pound but they really excited me. So we keep going back to the pond to catch as many of these giants as possible.

In 1980 at the age of 16 I joined the Army to allow me to carry on playing sport (Boxing, Rugby & Cricket mainly). I didnít really get much fishing time for the next 16 years due to work/sport/family commitments.

Unfortunately I was injured while in the Army & medically discharged in 1996 & the fishing obsession began again. But how it had changed with alarms, bolt rigs & the huge mirror & common carp to chase.

It really only started off as a means of getting out of the house while my wife went to work. Little did we both realise how much carp fishing was going to take over our lives.


Lewis Freeman Eclipse BaitsName : Lewis Freeman
Occupation : Scaffolder
UK P.B :  39lb Mirror
Favorite Venue : Burghfield Blue Pool
Favorite bait : Dark or Red Fishmeal’s like the Virus

I started fishing from about the age of 11-12 and started in the ‘normal’ way by fishing for tench and roach etc on local waters and progressed to carp fishing at about 13-14. I met daves son Ben through school and began fishing with him on the odd occasion aswell as meeting team member Ian Simmons on a local park lake, both who introduced me to eclipse baits.

I guess I’ve been using a of variety baits from them for 8+ years now, maybe longer. I’ve used the adrenaline, tangerine, creamball, tuna and now the virus and have caught well on all of them from the off. I’ve had some superb fish from local waters and lakes further afield such as Cottington.

My style of fishing is generally short session/overnighters and I would say I’m more of a roving angler as apposed to a ‘bait and wait’ angler which fits in better with my approach obviously as I have very minimal time because of having a busy work and family life. On the flip side I have had a few longer sessions through the years and the best so far has to be this year’s trip to Cottington breaking my pb twice in the 4 days fishing.

I generally use pop ups for hookbaits and have done for many years now and Eclipse’s pop ups are without doubt the best I’ve used. They’re super buoyant and there’s a huge array to choose from. My favourites have got to be the virus and creamball flouros and the standard pineapples. All of which have served me well in the past. I like the 12mms on short chods, hinge stiffs and a simple blowback pop up rig and all the above hookbaits are brilliant on these rigs and have never compromised my presentation through lack of buoyancy.

Before using eclipse I flitted with a few baits from various companies but could never settle and found they didn’t have the quality and consistency that dave and his team provide in their baits, now Its one less thing to think about when I do go as I’m happy and confident to use anybody the baits from the eclipse stable.