Rob Shickle

Occupation carpenter
PB : Cat Fish UK 107 euro 156

I started fishing as a child over the local park using bottle tops as indicators for tench and crucians ,then moving onto carp fishing for around 20 years ,going to France on a yearly basis . It’s was then that I hooked into what I can only describe as a train and from that day I was hooked . I decided it was time to tackle up and target the apex predator the Wels catfish . I fish all over the uk as well as France and Spain with river fishing being my real passion , the so many different methods explored to catch these immense fish is amazing and I’m always learning which is why I joined the eclipse team , Dave has spent time developing a range of catfish baits and oils and I welcome the edge it may give .challenge accepted!!! With spring on its way and the cats about to stir its time to get testing and look forward to sharing my results .