Tuna and Krill Wafters with Booster Liquid


Approx 50 per pot

The Tuna and Krill boilie has taken inspiration from some of our best and well established baits such as a couple of key ingredients from the best selling Virus boilie which has an incredible track record with big fish and a few items from the awesome Moorlands Mix that help promote incredible growth rates to which we have added Krill powder, low temperature fishmeal’s, salmon meal, tuna meal, calcium cassinate, egg albumen, semolina, a unique blend of spices ,milk replacers and a ph adjusting additive . The liquid attractors include an incredibly effective blend of Tuna and Butyric whilst the addition of the amazing Krill hydroslate liquid really sets this bait apart from the crowd and the finished product is a classic dark red / warm brown colour which is a firm favorite of many big carp anglers. The Tuna and krill really is an exceptional bait suitable for any venue regardless of difficulty and can be applied with confidence throughout the year due to its extremely digestible construction.

The Eclipse Baits wafters  have been developed to give the angler a massive edge by containing a high proportion of basemix and the optimal level of floatant it really is hard to see any physical difference between the wafters and free bait whilst the attractors have been matched to the freezer bait exactly. Wafters have always been an excellent hookbait alternative to bottom baits by counter acting  the weight of the hook which makes them behave more like a free bait when bottom displacement occurs and for fishing over silt or low lying weed, they are also excellent for trapping delicate feeding fish on some of the tougher venues leading to very secure hook holds further back in the mouth.  As a guide we have found an average size 6 such as a wide gape type pattern creates a proper crittically balanced / slow sinking hookbait whereas an average size 8 might need a tiny split shot or blob of putty to achive the same result.

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