eclipse baits supreme cream popups
eclipse baits supreme cream popups in pot

Supreme Cream (Nut Mix) Popups with Booster Liquid


Available in 12mm and 14mm


Never being a company to sit on its laurels Eclipse Baits are pleased to inform you we have further developed our Nutmix which will now be known as the Supreme Cream to reflect this change. We have improved the basemix and added a very special feed palatant which works beautifully with our exclusive cream flavour. It really is the Supreme Cream of the crop now! As well as the cream flavour and feed palatant  these boilies are an amazing blend of naturally derived nut ingredients including tiger, peanut and hazelnut meals along with whey proteins, calcium caseianate and vegetable proteins to give this bait a unique texture and smell.  Along with real nut oils and a totally exclusive nutty flavour with a creamy back note.

The Supreme Cream airball pop ups have been specifically tailored for today’s modern rigs ensuring an unpresidented level of consistant bouyancy and minimal water absorption giving the angler confidence to leave their hookbaits out for the duration of their stay if needed. These very special pop ups have been made with the optimum amount of floatant for most rigs whilst maintaining high levels of basemix to replicate the free offerings and  the exact same set of attractors as is found within our bottom baits providing an excellent alternative hookbait option.

Popup Size

12mm, 14mm