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Supreme Cream (Nut Mix) Corkball Popups


The Eclipse Baits corkball pop ups balance the perfect combination of buoyancy with genuine food bait attraction. We started by utilising the best corkballs we could lay our hands on which offered the right properties of texture for the basemix to grip and the reliable inherent buoyancy of cork then we set to work refining our base mixes adding certain ingredients so that the end result was tough and durable whilst still releasing the all important attractors and food signals. The corkball pop ups that go alongside our range of boilies are identical in every way meaning you can ‘match the hatch’ whilst the high attract options of Tuttifrutti and Strawberry are manufactured from a dedicated basemix containing many superb ingredients including milk proteins, all of which are super attractive in their own right. If you were to cut one of our corkball pop ups in half you will see just how even the basemix has been rolled around the corkball which maintains the durability of the hookbait making them suitable for tying on or attaching via a baitscrew and because they are manufactured using cork they can be used on any rig without any loss of buoyancy over time. All the range are supplied in pot’s of 30 hookbaits and a bottle of matching booster liquid ……..Confidence in a pot!