Strawberry Corkball Popups


Available from 1st November
Size 15mm

With the explosion of strawberry baits hitting the market in recent years Eclipse Baits set about designing the ultimate Strawberry corkball popup to fish on its own as a devastating single hookbait, alongside other manufacturers baits or as a superb alternative hookbait. We incorporated the finest strawberry flavours and attractors money can buy and combined them with a dedicated basemix we developed specifically for corkball pop ups which is highly attractive in its own right containing many food items including a blend of milk proteins. The tough and durable skin offers optimum levels of attractor leak off and food signals whilst the visual aspect is stunning too with a vivid white colour offset with mottled red dots, its something very different to the norm. They are the perfect buoyancy to use with all popular presentations such as chod rigs, stiff hinged rigs, ronnie rigs and can be tied on or used with the ever poular bait screws. Each pot contains 30 corkball pop ups and a bottle of booster liquid and to make them even more convenient theres no need to freeze them so they can have a permanent place in the bait bucket.