eclipse baits iconic frankfurter popups
eclipse baits iconic frankfurter popups in pot

Iconic Frankfurter Popups with Booster Liquid


Available in 12mm and 14mm


The Iconic Frankfurter Popups with Booster Liquid have been specifically tailored for today’s modern rigs ensuring an unpresidented level of consistant bouyancy and minimal water absorption giving the angler confidence to leave their hookbaits out for the duration of their stay if needed. These very special pop ups have been made with the optimum amount of floatant for most rigs whilst maintaining high levels of basemix to replicate the free offerings and the exact same set of attractors as is found within our bottom baits providing an excellent alternative hookbait option.

The Iconic Frankfurter has been refined and tweaked over 12 months of solid testing banking UK carp to over 50lb in addition to some massive oversea’s fish making this the perfect year round bait to take to any venue. The highly digestible base mix contains a balanced and nutritional ingredient profile with veg proteins, meat extracts, spices, fishmeals, yeasts, milk proteins, feed stimulants and a completely new extract taken from the food industry all topped off with a stunning Frankfurter attractor package that gives the bait a deep rich meaty aroma which carp find irresistible. We also took the visual aspect into consideration and after much deliberation we decided to leave it with its natural brown colour which we believe is subtle enough not to be too blatant whilst still maintaing an element of visability.

Popup Size

12mm, 14mm