1 Pot Blank Corkball Popups with 1 Flavour



Eclipse baits have been at the forefront of bait innovation for a long time now and although this product is not new in terms of content the innovation is in the indervidualism of the product. Our blank unflavoured cork ball pop ups are manufactured from a highly attractive basemix containing the optimum levels of colour and food based ingredients, powdered aminos and sweeteners ensuring a proper food signal is present  but the real genius of the product is the option to flavour them yourself from our range of high quality attractors sourced from the finest flavour houses in Europe.
prawn,wasp grub, pineapple, passion fruit, orange oil, snail, strawberry, blackcurrant, scopex, tuna, sweetner, toffee, white choc, bloodworm, maple, tutti(richworth) halibut, West Indian lime oil( essential oil), anisseed(black jack), barbel bomb, blitz, bread, mk 1, plum zing, mulberry florentine (Hutchies), peanut, sweet corn, sherbet lemon, raspberry, pear, peach, plum, banana, coconut, smoked herring.