Squid+Tutti Pink Instinct Popups with Booster Liquid


14mm Approx 40 per pot

Squid+Tutti Pink Instinct Popups with Booster Liquid. It has been a poorly kept secret that a washed out pink colour has been responsible for many huge carp home and abroad over the last couple of years. Although there are many theory’s as to why this colour is so successful here at Eclipse Baits, we believe that it is because of its washed out safe appearance, so we have taken this concept and produced our own versions with 2 very distinct flavour blends that are suitable for fishing over any bait or on its own as an superb single hookbait. These amazing hookbaits have been produced from the best ingredients including our own super buoyant pop up mix which makes them suitable for all modern presentations and are available in the legendary Squid and Tutti combination.

Shape and Size

15mm Round