Eclipse Baits Cherry Virus popups

Cherry Virus Popups with Booster Liquid


Available in 12mm popups and 14mm popups


The Cherry Virus Popups with Booster Liquid airball pop ups have been specifically tailored for today’s modern rigs ensuring an unpresidented level of consistant bouyancy and minimal water absorption giving the angler confidence to leave their hookbaits out for the duration of their stay if needed. These very special pop ups have been made with the optimum amount of floatant for most rigs whilst maintaining high levels of basemix to replicate the free offerings and the exact same set of attractors as is found within our bottom baits providing an excellent alternative hookbait option.

Well what can we say we honestly thought the virus could not be bettered, since its inception over 15 years ago ( and still going strong) its caught 1000s upon 1000s of fish including an enormous amount of pb’s but there was still a amount of anglers that preferred a sweet smelling boilie so we set out to find a fruit/sweet type of aroma for the virus , we tried 8 different extracts but none were equal to the original virus we then found the fish had a liking for a cherry extract, that was over 2 years ago when tested we found it was far more effective with a extra inclusion of glm on top of what was all ready in the base it also worked better with a powdered palatant as well as 3 other additives one giving a synergistic effect all combining to take this boilie to the next level, we then embarked on a very intensive testing program that resulted in various changes we found that even a mil change to the cherry extract made a massive difference to the catch rate once happy with the recipe we gave it a wider test mainly over star lane fishery the results have been spectacular as the catch reports have shown it is now available in 14mm and 18mm fresh and stabilised special orders of 12,16,20 and 24 are available in a minimum 20 kilos,we can also do the bait in a short term preserved for trips abroad.

Popup Size

12mm, 14mm