Paul Smith

Paul Smith Eclipse Baits

Occupation : Finance Manager
UK P.B : 34lb 12oz Mirror
Favorite Venues : Pollard Lake (Kent)
Favorite Methods : Red Fishmeal Boilies

Aged 46, I love my fishing today as much as I did when I first picked up a fishing rod as a toddler. I have now been Carp fishing for 28 years around Kent and Essex with occasional trips to France.

For me, Carp fishing is more than just a hobby, it has become a passion that has consumed me. I go to bed at night thinking of ways to outwit these wonderful creatures. I have written a couple of chapters in books trying to describe the excitement that I feel when I am on the bank. Recently, with my buddy Lee, we have tried to portray this passion on film through our Reality Carp Fishing Series on YouTube which seems to be well received by many. Our new work has also included presenting and filming the British Carp Cups for TV which is also a great experience as we get to meet similar like minded anglers and gain extra knowledge which we can use in our armoury. We never stop learning!

When we needed a bait company to support us, we did our homework and Eclipse Baits were our first choice due to Dave Poxon’s unrivalled knowledge of bait. We looked no further as we have confidence in Eclipse Baits wherever we take it, be it at home or abroad. Whenever we meet Dave for a coffee at the unit, his enthusiasm and knowledge of bait knows no bounds. We are privileged to be on board and our first presentation in conjunction with Moorland Fishery and Eclipse Baits has been released for all to see. We look forward to producing lots of new film footage in association with Eclipse Baits for all to enjoy.