Nick Mackey

Eclipse baits Nick Mackey Tier 2 tester

Occupation: Airfield Operations Office
UK P.B: 26lb
Favourite Venue: Hucklesbrook Lake
Favourite Method: Stiff hinge/boilie fishing

I started fishing in 1989 with my dad on one of the local gravel pits in Ringwood. For the first few years I was happy to fish the float with my little 7ft spinning rod, bagging up on roach and perch. After serving my apprenticeship my dad bought me an 11ft quiver tip. I remember the day I chucked an arsley bomb with a small hook and double maggot into the middle of the Wash Pit.  20 minutes later the rod bent round and I was into my first fish that pulled back!  Anyway, after a frantic little battle where my dad was trying to teach me how to use the drag, I had my first ‘two hand’ fish in the net. I’m pretty sure that sewed the seed for the fishing to come.
After persuading my parents to get me a pair of carp rods and reels for my Birthday and Christmas I started night fishing with my best mate when I was about 15(club rules were a bit more relaxed in the 90’s!). Hucklesbrook and Somerley Meadow Lake were the venues I fished most often during those mid to late teen years, we had The Roach pit and Rockford on our ticket back then but there’s a certain amount of experience you need for lakes like that and we were very much in the learning phase (although I will return to Ringwood one day).
At the age of 20 I moved to the Scilly Isles for more than a decade. Now there’s no coarse fishing whatsoever out there and my carp fishing had to go on hold, although I did have a weekly subscription to Carp-Talk the entire time I lived there!
Since moving back to the mainland in 2012 my fishing has been done on club lakes, day tickets & reservoirs and I’ve made some great friends that love carp fishing as much as me in Devon where I now live. To be honest I’ve hopped around between too many venues in recent years but I’ve been lucky enough to get a place on a very nice local syndicate, with some very special fish. I haven’t really concentrated my efforts on one particular water for a long time and I’m relishing the challenge.