Matthew Gardner

Name: Matthew Gardner
Occupation: Buyer
UK PB: 29lb 8oz
EUR PB: 42lb 12oz

I have fished for as long as I can remember, always showing a very keen interest for wildlife and being in the great outdoors. I started like most people catching Rudd down my local pond which developed in my early teens into match fishing, there I learnt my fishing badges so to speak in the art of feeding and presenting bait correctly.
In my early 20’s I did become disillusioned with the match fishing scene and really loved the idea of making the switch to solely carp fishing. The thought of long days and nights in nature unwinding after a stressful week at work with the chance of a some whacking great carp was too tempting, since then I have never looked back and can safely say I am carp fishing obsessed right now, spending most of my time when not with my family down my local club water which I bailiff on catching lovely old dark British fish, with the annual trip to France to catch a big girl.