James Geary

Name : James Geary
UK PB : 48lbs

I have been fishing for over 38 years, and carp fishing for the best part of 28 years. Having started carp fishing in London, then Kent, fishing the lakes in their prime such as the Tip Lake, Sutton, Horton Kirby then onto wild expansive and deep chalk pits such as Blue Lake in Kent I eventually wound up in the carp Mecca of Yateley. With a PB of 48lbs, with a fish from Wasing called The Parrot, and another 11 other UK 40lbers to the tally so far.
For me nowadays carp fishing is more about the peace and tranquility. I love being out and try to manage at least two overnighters per week, even though work and family are now much a part of my life. Carp fishing is a life, it will never leave you and becomes an important make up of who you are. That’s the dedication and commitment you make when you embark on its adventures.