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Past :

Dave Poxon owner of Eclipse Baits Manufacturer of Carp BaitEclipse Baits Manufacturer of Carp Bait. Is owned and run by Dave Poxon. He has been involved in the research, development and mechanics of carp bait and its manufacture for over 25 years. Dave along with his fishing partner Mark Redding won the Lac de Madine World Carp Classic in 1999. He was one of the early pioneers of commercial bait rolling to the public in the early 1990’s. During which time boilies were only generally available in their component forms. Meaning the customer would have to roll their own boilies. He was also responsible for the manufacture of many leading brands. Including the Rod Hutchinson boilies and Kevin Maddocks range of ready rolled baits. Which were widely distributed throughout Europe accounting for over 100 tons per year of finished boilies.

Present :
Eclipse Baits manufacture for many other companies. Producing bespoke ranges of baits for fisheries and retailers both home and abroad. Which offer top levels of quality, consistency and value for money. Eclipse have their own extensive range of baits which include Fishmeals, Birdfoods  and nut mixes. All blended from the finest ingredients. As well as accompanying food dips, pop ups, and ground baits and a huge range of other products. Including individual powdered and liquid additives. Eclipse specialise in popup manufacture with a large number of permutations. Another service we are pleased to offer the consumer is a custom bait rolling service using our own range of base mixes. With the available option of any attractor package including the addition of  powdered additives if wanted. Such as glm and a choice from over a hundred different flavours. If you are unsure of which bait to try or should you wish to discuss your order we are always on hand to offer professional, friendly advise. We can be contacted by telephone, email and also via our facebook page. Which will be regularly updated to provide the latest product news, catch reports and special offers.

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