Dean Spratt

Dean Spratt Eclipse Baits Consultants

Dean Spratt Eclipse BaitsConsultants Name : Dean Spratt
Occupation : Painter and Decorator
Position within Eclipse Baits : Consultant
UK P.B :  38lb 8oz Mirror
Favorite Venue : The Lea Valley
Favorite bait : Spicy Fishmeal/Virus

Dean has been carp fishing for about 17 years and was a keen coarse and match angler before the carp fishing bug grabbed hold of him. Dean also actively campaigns for various charities and has always been involved with the testing of bait in one capacity or another so it makes him the ideal candidate for our panel of consultants.

Dean says:  I’m delighted to be involved with Eclipse Baits as it is a company moving forward rapidly and holds a wealth of bait knowledge and real world angling experience. The boilie range has already given me a serious edge and some amazing results in  competition fishing and banking targets and I look forward to the oncoming seasons with aim to help the company grow and promote a bait range that will catch you fish from any venue regardless of the time of year.