Craig Stones

Craig Stones Eclipse Baits Consultant

Name : Craig Stones
Occupation : Self Employed Carpenter
P.B. : 49.6 mirror 47.10 Common
Favourite venue : Quarry Syndicate
Fishing method :  Short session fishing 24hr
Favourite Bait : Virus

Been fishing since 1972, fishing many club waters as a young man, Vange & Pitsea, Billericay District, Basildon Angling Club, Seefas, Colony Lakes, Cobblers Mead. Never worried about catching monsters just happy to be catching really, from 1985/95 I had a boat and mainly sea fished with my brother-in-law until in 1996 we sold it and I immersed myself back into the carp fishing game and got swept away by the amount of big fish that were available to me on my doorstep. I joined the 40acres syndicate in 97/98 catching most of the 20+ residents then moving onto a very special club lake in Wickford that I’ve been a member now for 17yrs and help to run it as their Fisheries Offeicer. In 2002 I joined the Quarry Syndicate and haven’t  looked back since. I joined Eclipse Baits in the spring of 2014 after leaving the Nash stable where I’d been a field tester for more than 10yrs catching numerous 30lb fish and a handful of 40’s. Since joining Eclipse Baits and fishing with their baits on some very special waters I’ve managed to land 25 x 40lb fish, albeit it with a few recaptures involved along the way. I still can’t believe the pulling power that the Virus has and the confidence it has given me.