Clifford Baker

Clifford Baker Eclipse Baits Consultant

PB : mirror 42lbs
PB : common 40lbs 6oz

From a very young age I was obsessed with being able to go fishing with my two uncles and cousin. At the age of 6 with countless amounts of casting lessons in the back garden, my uncle told me I was ready to go. I started to fish the local stretches of canals and river systems for anything and everything. As the years moved on and situations changed we where unable to go as a family. Too young and unable to drive I used to tie my gear to my bike and ride anywhere my legs could take me just to wet a line. As time passed and I met new anglers and friends I was asked to go carp fishing for a night with a few mates. At this stage I’d only ever caught small carp and hardly any of them at all. Completely unaware and oblivious to what “carp” fishing was actually about I rocked up to the lake with one rod and some glow tip floats! After the laughing at my expense stopped and we got on with fishing I managed to land a fish around 12lbs. Being a coarse/pleasure angler this to me was absolutely huge and Alien to me! But the most exciting, warm and uncontrollable feeling i’d had fishing! After being awake all night staring at my glow tip I couldn’t stop thinking about targeting carp. This is when I decided to do some research, get some gear together and chase these water hippos I was so uneducated on. This is how my fishing really changed and was solely focused on one species. 8 years on and that buzz has never left! With life consistently changing my fishing has unfortunately slowed down with only short over night sessions or day sessions becoming the majority of my fishing. But there’s not a passing moment I’m not thinking about what my next adventure is. Fishing for me was always a love…. but is now my passion!