Lloyd Buckley

lloyd buckley eclipse baits consultant

Consultants Name : Lloyd Buckley
UK P.B :  46.12
favourite venue : Currently fishing in the Lee Valley and a southern farm pond
favourite boilie : red fishmeals

I have been a  keen angler for a very long time now , but over the last 5 years my interest in singling out particular carp has grown immensely , not always the biggest carp but the ones with age and history behind them , it doesn’t matter what size or type of lake they are in you will find me trying to catch them … Over the years I have used large amounts of fish meal bollies in baiting campaigns  to catch the carp I am targeting which is a superb way of singling out the biggun’s whilst still ensuring they’re dietery need’s are met.

Will Coakley

Will Coakley Eclipse Baits Consultants

Consultants Name : Will Coakley
Occupation : Local Govermnt Officer
Position within Eclipse Baits : Consultant
UK P.B :  44lb 10oz Mirror, 42lb 5oz Common
Favorite Venue : Wraysbury 2 and Cleverly Fisheries
Favorite bait : Big beds of fishmeals

Will has an absolute wealth of knowledge of anything carp related and has fished a huge variety of venues during his extensive angling career, catching some of the most sought after fish in the country. Wills dedicated approach is based around building an area and establishing a food source so quality bait is of the upmost importance to him making him the ideal person to join our panel of consultants.

Will say’s ;  Although I have fished since the age of 6 years old, i have been seriously carp fishing since 1981 and have fished a diverse variety of waters over the years including massive wind swept gravel pits, day tickets waters, club venues and syndicate waters. I started fishing some of my more local day ticket waters such as Stambridge, Doggetts, Churchgate and I even had a little dabble on Walthamstow Res, but found these all to be too busy for my liking so I headed for the banks of the big pits in the Colne valley and the Lea Valley. I fished many waters such as Wrasbury 2,  Broxbourne,Glen Faber,  South,Middle and North pits, all of which are over 100 acres which was very challenging but extremely rewarding with some real beauties in them. I have also fished some syndicate waters within Essex such as Star Lane, Childerditch and Cleverly Fisheries but more recently i have been turning my attention to club waters in and around Essex,  fishing waters such as the Match Pit, and the Chelmsford Angling Association waters. I am extremely excited to be involved with Eclipse Baits and look forward to using their extensive range of products and helping with the bait development.

Dean Spratt

Dean Spratt Eclipse Baits Consultants

Dean Spratt Eclipse BaitsConsultants Name : Dean Spratt
Occupation : Painter and Decorator
Position within Eclipse Baits : Consultant
UK P.B :  38lb 8oz Mirror
Favorite Venue : The Lea Valley
Favorite bait : Spicy Fishmeal/Virus

Dean has been carp fishing for about 17 years and was a keen coarse and match angler before the carp fishing bug grabbed hold of him. Dean also actively campaigns for various charities and has always been involved with the testing of bait in one capacity or another so it makes him the ideal candidate for our panel of consultants.

Dean says:  I’m delighted to be involved with Eclipse Baits as it is a company moving forward rapidly and holds a wealth of bait knowledge and real world angling experience. The boilie range has already given me a serious edge and some amazing results in  competition fishing and banking targets and I look forward to the oncoming seasons with aim to help the company grow and promote a bait range that will catch you fish from any venue regardless of the time of year.

Steve Newman

Steve Newman Eclipse Baits Consultants

Consultants Name : Steve Newman
Occupation : Scaffolder
Position within Eclipse Baits : Consultant
UK P.B :  44lb Common, 42lb 12oz Mirror, Foreign p.b. 52lb Mirror, 46lb Common.
Favorite Venue : Blue Lagoon and Area 52
Favorite bait : Fishmeal Boilie

Steve Newman has been a loyal customer and friend to Eclipse Baits since the companies inception and during that time we have seen this quiet and unassuming man catch some incredible carp from a diverse spectrum of waters. Steve’s approach is based around the simple ethos of “find them, feed them and catch them” and he certainly does this well so we are delighted to have Steve on board as on one of our consultants.

Steve says; I started fishing at an early age with my Dad on some Essex Club waters for a variety of coarse species but then I hooked my my first carp at the tender age of 10 and became obsessed with their elusive habits and the methods required to catch them, spending every available spare moment fishing for them. My carp angling journey has taken me to all sorts of local day ticket and club waters such as Doggets, Rochford Reservoir, Johnsons, Stambridge and the Colony Complex being just a few such examples but as my fishing progressed I started to fish more demanding venues such as the Cleverley Fisheries Quarry, Boyton and Ladywell venues. I have always been inspired to fish much larger waters so my next challenge was the big gravel pit known as Area 52 in Reading where I caught some incredible fish but more recently I have joined the Star Lane Syndicate for its lovely old fish. I feel truly honoured to be part of the Eclipse Baits consultancy Team and am relishing the prospect of developing and testing new ideas and products.

Ian Simmons

Ian Simmons Eclipse Baits Consultants

Consultants Name : Ian Simmons
Occupation : Quality Engineer in the automotive trade
Position within Eclipse Baits : Consultant
UK P.B : 45lb 2oz
Favorite Venues : Doggets, Braxted Back Lake and the Yateley complex
Favorite Methods : Stalking and margin fishing

Ian has been carp fishing for over 20 years now and has been involved in the carp fishing industry for at least 15 years in various capacities. Ian only fishes short sessions and mainly specialises in the stalking and roving aprroach when applicable, it is extremely rare for him to do a night but despite this he has caught from some notoriously tricky venues such as the Sutton at Hone syndicate and Braxted Back Lake.

Ian Says; I have been involved with Eclipse Baits since the companys inception and feel truly honered to be part of a fast growing, foward thinking company which supplys some of the best baits i have ever had the pleasure of using, I also very much enjoy having a small hand in some of the design input. Because of my demanding job and a young family, i often only have a few hours to spare a week so i need baits which will work all season, short and long term and with Eclipse Baits products its one less thing for me to worry about. Thanks for your continued support guys!

Kyle Poxon

Kyle Poxon Eclipse Baits Consultants

Consultants Name : Kyle Poxon
Occupation : Bait manufacturer
UK P.B : 40+ common
favourite venue : Star Lane (Essex)
favourite bait : loves to test the new prototypes

Kyle has grown up learning how to catch many species of fish on various lakes around the Essex area but progressing to carp and becoming a member of the commitee on the star lane syndicate has been just some of the highlights of this talented anglers career so far ,he has also been responsible for testing various baits within the Eclipse range, catching many thirtys and the big common out of Star Lane at 40+. He has become a integral part in the production and development of the Eclipse range of products.

Dave Poxon

Dave Poxon Eclipse Baits Consultants

Consultants Name : Dave Poxon
Occupation : Proprieter of Eclipse Baits
UK P.B : 40+ mirror
favourite venue : Kingfisher lake/ lakeside
favourite boilie : red or plain fishmeals

Dave started fishing in the seventy’s learning how to catch tiddlers on the float progressing to light ledgering and swing tipping for tench through the eightys,he then started to concentrate his efforts on carp experimenting with various pastes and other concoctions.In the ninetys he then became involved in the commercial production of boilies including the Rod Hutchinson and Kevin Maddocks ranges as well as becoming one of the first custom bait rollers in the industry. Dave has won many accolades during his extensive fishing career but one of the highlights was winning the world carp classic at lac de madine in 1999 along with his fishing partner.He has caught hundreds of carp while testing various baits,attractors and additives so in 2006 eclipse baits was formed and fully benefits the full knowledge he has gained over the last 25+ years. Dave is also responsible for many industry firsts and continues to innovate at an amazing rate.