Neil Martin

Neil Martin Eclipse Baits Consultant

Name: Neil Martin
Occupation: Self Employed Builder/ Owner Essex Carp Nights
Uk Pb: 39.02
Europe Pb: 52.08
Favourite venues: Anywhere away from the crowds
Favourite methods: Long term campaigns/Stalking

I’ve been carp fishing for 30 years with 25 years experience overseas. Worked within the fishing industry for 12+ years both in retail & french fisheries.
With limited time I tend to steer away from busy venues preferring quality angling time over targeting big carp. Spent some time fishing in Thailand which I enjoy very much catching Siamese carp in excess of 150lb. I’ve known Dave & the eclipse boys for many years and have ultimate confidence in the products, certainly takes away the doubt in my angling knowing that if the carp are there they will accept the bait.

Terry Bruton

Occupation. Refuse Collector. UK P.B. Mirror 37.4lbs. Favourite Venues. Rodney Meadow Syndicate. Silvermare, Cottingham Lakes. Favourite Bait. Tuna & Krill. I started fishing at the age of 11on the river Thames in Kingston and Hampton Court for roach, dace, perch and gudgeon. As I got older I started fishing for carp on day ticket waters and local ponds. Then I progressed onto syndicates to catch carp. At present I'm fishing in the Colne Valley on a syndicate called Rodney Meadow. It's all about enjoying yourself even if you are not catching. I love watching the wildlife while I'm fishing.

Consultants Name: Terry Bruton
Occupation: Refuse Collector
UK P.B.:  Mirror 37.4lbs
Favourite Venues: Rodney Meadow Syndicate. Silvermare, Cottingham Lakes
Favourite Bait: Tuna & Krill

I started fishing at the age of 11on the river Thames in Kingston and Hampton Court for roach, dace, perch and gudgeon. As I got older I started fishing for carp on day ticket waters and local ponds. Then I progressed onto syndicates to catch carp. At present I’m fishing in the Colne Valley on a syndicate called Rodney Meadow. It’s all about enjoying yourself even if you are not catching. I love watching the wildlife while I’m fishing.

Clifford Baker

Clifford Baker Eclipse Baits Consultant

PB : mirror 42lbs
PB : common 40lbs 6oz

From a very young age I was obsessed with being able to go fishing with my two uncles and cousin. At the age of 6 with countless amounts of casting lessons in the back garden, my uncle told me I was ready to go. I started to fish the local stretches of canals and river systems for anything and everything. As the years moved on and situations changed we where unable to go as a family. Too young and unable to drive I used to tie my gear to my bike and ride anywhere my legs could take me just to wet a line. As time passed and I met new anglers and friends I was asked to go carp fishing for a night with a few mates. At this stage I’d only ever caught small carp and hardly any of them at all. Completely unaware and oblivious to what “carp” fishing was actually about I rocked up to the lake with one rod and some glow tip floats! After the laughing at my expense stopped and we got on with fishing I managed to land a fish around 12lbs. Being a coarse/pleasure angler this to me was absolutely huge and Alien to me! But the most exciting, warm and uncontrollable feeling i’d had fishing! After being awake all night staring at my glow tip I couldn’t stop thinking about targeting carp. This is when I decided to do some research, get some gear together and chase these water hippos I was so uneducated on. This is how my fishing really changed and was solely focused on one species. 8 years on and that buzz has never left! With life consistently changing my fishing has unfortunately slowed down with only short over night sessions or day sessions becoming the majority of my fishing. But there’s not a passing moment I’m not thinking about what my next adventure is. Fishing for me was always a love…. but is now my passion!

Mick Coxon

Mick Coxon eclipse baits consultant
Occupation : Co-Owner and Events Organiser at British Carp Cups and Self Employed plumbing and heating engineer.
UK P.B : 58lb + Common
Favourite Venues : Kingsbury Pine Pool. Branston Water Park. Old Mill Lakes and Airfield Lakes to name but a few.
Favourite Methods : Find ’em’ and catch ’em’. Freelining up close and personal.
Favourite Bait: Nut based. Can’t wait to try the new prototype. Have been catching on the Iconic Frankfurter.

Started fishing on the River Trent, where I learnt long trotting and the local Grantham Canal as a boy, too many years ago to remember. Fell in love with Tench and can’t describe the feeling  I got when the float slid away at first light on a summers morning. In those days we had to wait until the magical 16th June to start fishing. I had caught carp whilst general course fishing but it was when I read articles by the late great Richard Walker that the bug bit, and I have certainly got it now. My wife says we eat, sleep and breath carp fishing but that could be something to do with the events we run. I enjoy trips to France, usually in the Autumn after our finals have taken place. Although carp fishing is my main pursuit I still enjoy fishing for other species. I caught my first Sturgeon last year and was over the moon with it. I still feel that same buzz that I did as a boy.

Luke Campe

Luke Campe Eclipse Baits Consultant

Name : Luke Campe
Occupation : Overhead Linesman
U.K. PB : mirror 45lb 02oz, common 41lb 08oz
Foreign P.B : 42lb 08oz mirror (France)
Favourite venue : Blue lagoon
Favourite tactic : campaign fishing & pre-baiting

I actually started fishing after seeing other people at a little pond angling on a campsite, no one in my family fished so I actually ended up teaching myself through books from the local library!
The usual story followed and many local lakes around Essex were fished for smaller species until the day I finally hooked into a carp…and got smashed up! What followed is what could be described as an obsession and since that day I have always wanted to catch the biggest fish in any lake I fish with a lot of determination and effort I have managed to do just that! I have fished local lakes like hadleigh reservoir and after taking the bigguns out of there I graduated to the glorious blue lagoon, catching all of the lakes old residents. From there I joined my first ever syndiate the famous star lane, and was lucky enough to catch spike and the famous Linear a day apart. Since then I have fished many other day ticket and club waters, and more recently got a ticket for a lovely Essex syndicate with some real whackers in that I can’t wait to have my picture taken with! I still and always will have an obsession with setting targets and catching the lakes largest residents, and to do that I always use a quality food bait that will help me catch the largest carp in the lake through regular and accurate baiting, I actually visit the lake more to bait than I do fish and i believe pre-baiting is by far the biggest ‘edge’ in carp fishing! I started using eclipse baits a year or so ago to actually catch a fish I had been fishing for on off for many years and couldn’t catch. Looking through old catch reports it had come out 4 times on eclipse baits, so I got myself some to try. On my second trip out with the bait I finally caught her, and I have had 100% confidence in the bait ever since! In that time I have caught countless twentys, five U.K. Thirties and three U.K. forties on the virus, so when I was asked to become a consultant for eclipse baits it was a no brainier! I can’t wait to work with the team and look forward to helping test and help create many more jaw dropping baits for lots of other anglers just like myself to realise their dreams with!

Matthew Berale

Matt Berale Eclipse Baits Consultant

Name : Matt Berale
Occupation : Insurance Broker
UK PB : 54lb 4oz Mirror & 39lb 10oz Common
Fav venues : Braxted Back Lake, Orchid, Cleverley Mere
Favour Bait : Tuna & Krill

I’ve been fishing since I was about 8 or 9 years old, my mates and I would go down the local River Brain in Witham in search of anything that would eat our maggots or bread. It wasn’t until 1991 when I caught my first “proper” carp from Silver End Front Pit and this is when the carp bug really took hold, I’ve always fished as much as I can since that point.

Over the years I’ve fished a lot of the local club lakes and syndicates, I also enjoyed a few years back and forth to Cambridgeshire and it’s beautiful gravel pits. I work full time and have a busy home life so making the most of my time on the bank is paramount, I usually only fish weekends with the odd midweek overnighter here and there.

I started using the Tuna & Krill last season, I was fishing an extremely tricky club water at the time and managed to land two of the lake’s most sought after commons within a month! This proved the bait’s worth to me in a big way, with the correct application and rigs it can really unlock doors, when getting bites is tough going.

I’ll be concentrating my efforts on a couple of club waters this season and am massively looking forward to being part of Eclipse team whilst doing so.

Craig Stones

Craig Stones Eclipse Baits Consultant

Name : Craig Stones
Occupation : Self Employed Carpenter
P.B. : 49.6 mirror 47.10 Common
Favourite venue : Quarry Syndicate
Fishing method :  Short session fishing 24hr
Favourite Bait : Virus

Been fishing since 1972, fishing many club waters as a young man, Vange & Pitsea, Billericay District, Basildon Angling Club, Seefas, Colony Lakes, Cobblers Mead. Never worried about catching monsters just happy to be catching really, from 1985/95 I had a boat and mainly sea fished with my brother-in-law until in 1996 we sold it and I immersed myself back into the carp fishing game and got swept away by the amount of big fish that were available to me on my doorstep. I joined the 40acres syndicate in 97/98 catching most of the 20+ residents then moving onto a very special club lake in Wickford that I’ve been a member now for 17yrs and help to run it as their Fisheries Offeicer. In 2002 I joined the Quarry Syndicate and haven’t  looked back since. I joined Eclipse Baits in the spring of 2014 after leaving the Nash stable where I’d been a field tester for more than 10yrs catching numerous 30lb fish and a handful of 40’s. Since joining Eclipse Baits and fishing with their baits on some very special waters I’ve managed to land 25 x 40lb fish, albeit it with a few recaptures involved along the way. I still can’t believe the pulling power that the Virus has and the confidence it has given me.

Gareth “Harry” Harrington

Gareth "Harry" Harrington Eclipse Baits Consultants

My name is Gareth Harrington (AKA Harry) I am 42 years old. I have recently completed 23 years service with HM Forces. I am a full-time house husband looking after our 3 year old daughter, Tilly, and supporting my wife (Mandy) who is currently a serving commissioned officer. I am living in Germany but will be returning to the UK in March 2017.

I have been Carp fishing many years and have fished numerous waters around England, ranging from heavily stocked waters such as, Barstons and Drayton reservoir to low stock intricate waters tucked away from the angling  lime lite. I have also fished various waters in France, the majority of my French fishing is done at Abbey lakes. For the last two years I have been fishing in Germany, on a low stocked, big pit water (90 acres). I cut my teeth in a number of Fishing competitions, mainly military.  I was extremely fortunate to have been successful in a numberof high profile military fishing competitions:

Army Championships 2014 – Overall winners (Paired with Stu Lennox)
Royal Artillery Championships 2014 – Overall winners (Paired with Stu Lennox)
Forces Carp Classic 2013 – Lake runner up – Wild Boar (Paired with Steve Wolacombe)
Forces Carp Classic 2014 – Lake Winner – Wild Boar (Paired with Trev Parks)
Forces Carp Classic 2014 – Team Champions (Harry Harrington, Trev Parks, Michael Greaves & Daryl Howie)
Forces Carp Classic 2015 – Team Champions (Harry Harrington, Trev Parks, Michael Greaves & Daryl Howie)
Forces Carp Classic 2015 – Overall Champions (Paired with Trev Parks)

I am currently concentrating on a large German big pit water. The lake itself opened late last year having not been fished for 20 years. Its approximately 90 acres and the fish range from 5 – 71lbs.  I’m still hoping there are a few more hidden secrets out there before my return to the UK.  My target fish for this year is a 60lbs+ common and a70lbs+ mirror.  In addition I’m learning a whole new skill set; fishing at ranges upto 250 meters using acombination of boat and bait boats.

Furthermore, I will be entering a number of competitions, both in the UK and France, with the aim of building up to the UK Carp Cup and the BCAC’s.

Sam Tittensor

sam tittensor eclipse baits consultant

Consultants Name : Sam Tittensor
Occupation : Student
UK P.B : 36lb 4oz mirror
favourite venue : Rivers and Canals
favourite boilie : Fishmeals

I started fishing on a local river at age 6 and was hooked straight away. Back then I was only catching small roach and perch, but I have worked my way up and gone on to catch carp and catfish throughout the UK as well as in Europe. Now things have come full circle and I have returned to that very same river that I started out on to fish for carp. My campaign started in late 2014 after spotting a single common from a bridge and the river has taken up much of my time since. To date I have had carp from the river to over 28lbs as well as a wide range of species from other venues, and although much of my fishing is for carp, I often fish for chub, catfish and pike as well as sea fishing.

Simon Giblin

Simon Goblin Eclipse Baits Consultant

Consultants Name : Simon Giblin
UK P.B : 60lb (the Fat Lady from St Ives)
Uk River P.B : 41lb

Simon Giblin has been fishing since he was 8 years old and caught his first carp by the time he was 13. He is also no stranger to the big carp scene having fished some of the hardest most renowned UK venues around including St Ives, the Yateley complex and numerous Lea Valley waters to name but a few, landing some truly iconic fish such as bazil and the fat lady being just 2 famous examples in addition to the other 10 UK 40’s he has landed . Si is also one of the few angler’s in the UK to land a 40lb river carp at 41lb which is an incredible feat. Si’s broad in depth knowledge of all things carp and bait related make him an absolute asset to the Eclipse Baits consultancy team.