Carl Osborne

Name : Carl Osborne
PB : 43lb 4oz

My dad started taking me sea fishing when I was very young mainly fishing the local estuaries for flounder and bass. As the years passed the occasional day with him here and there wasn’t enough to scratch the itch and at 13 I joined a local coarse angling club to get my fix as much as possible. First catching a carp of around 2lb on a whip I soon became hooked on the species starting to target bigger and bigger fish as the years went on. Currently concentrating on my local syndicate in Devon carp fishing has become a real passion and escape from the chaos of day to day life. I love a good social but happy to chase them on my own if I think that’s what’s needed to get amongst some fish. I still have a little go in the sea with the old man now and again but the excitement and anticipation of fishing for carp is what really drives me in my fishing.

Kettles always on if we ever meet on the bank.