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Amanda Curtis

Amanda Curtis Eclipse Baits Tier 2 tester

Name: Amanda Curtis
Occupation: Shipping Administrator
Fav Venue: Bishops Bowl Fishery 
UK PB: 20lbs 14oz Mirror called Quasi caught during a BCC Ladies comp giving me 3rd place (3rd place 2015 & 2016) 

Fishing! – The Oxford Dictionary’s definition is “The activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport”. The key word in that statement is “catching” and as many of us know “catching” can be quite a challenge at times, so why do we do it?, especially me….

Fishing has been in my blood for most of my life thanks to my Dad who took me on my first fishing trip when I was 6 months old!. My early fishing career was spent fishing a local disused chalk quarry when Dad’s beloved Aveley Athletic FC weren’t playing at home.

We relocated to the Midlands when I was 6 with Dad’s job and I started fishing the canals that surround Daventry and also what we knew as Timken Reservoir, which is now Drayton. I stopped fishing in my teens because of school, boys etc and TBH at that time it really wasn’t very cool for a “young lady” to be seen fishing with her Dad!. But, not before I had my first “big” fish, a 19lb Pike out of the canal near Braunston.

I briefly returned to fishing in my 20’s because Dad had serious health issues, and I kept him company on the bank. This was a time way before everybody had a mobile phone…

I then got married, had my Son and family life took over. Unfortunately,  my husband didn’t share my passion for fishing, so it was pushed into the background for nearly 22 years.  My rods and tackle box were taken to the tip and fishing memories became a blur.

Dad, sadly passed away, my Son went off to University in London and I got divorced which left me with time on my hands and a hankering to “find something new”. So I returned to fishing, but this time Carp fishing. One of the fella’s I worked with was a keen BCC and BCAC competitor and listening to him talking about the competitions gave me a longing to be back on the bank and Carp fishing was something new to me. After much “googling” it was obvious that I had to buy new tackle. My Dad’s old Split Cane rods just wouldn’t do it, but where to start?.

I noticed that there was a BCC competition on a lake not far from me, so I went to investigate and I met Mick Coxon who was short of Marshals, so I volunteered and I have now been a BCC Marshal for over 4 years.

Mick suggested that before investing in new rods, reels etc it might be worth “having a go” at Carp fishing, just to see if it would suit me…So more “Googling” and I found Debbie and Elaine Taylor, the Carpgirls… I spent a very windy, chilly,  drizzly day with them on one of their local waters, learning the principals of Carp fishing and managed to catch my first Carp and first fish for nearly 23 years. I was over the moon and have never looked back!.