Boilie Ranges

Virus is a true red fishmeal boilie which will work all season long. Utilising the finest ingredients and attractors avaliable
 The Tuna and krill is an exceptional bait suitable for any venue regardless of difficulty and can be applied with confidence throughout the year.

a stunning Frankfurter attractor package that gives the bait a deep rich meaty aroma COMPLETE WITH A NEW EXTRACT TAKEN FROM THE FOOD INDUSTRY
As well as the cream flavour and feed palatant  these boilies are a blend of naturally derived nut ingredients including tiger, peanut and hazelnut

Single Hookbaits

Spods, Liquids and Powders

We all love gravy and so do the carp. Our gravies have been developed to enhance freebies such as boilies or pellets to create a feeding zone. Pour the gravy over your freebies or into a spod mix or add to stickmixes or solid bags.
groundbait stickmix eclipse baits
Our Stickmix uses are almost endless but a couple more good edge’s are to use it as part of a spod mix to cloud the water column or as a sloppy spod mix to use in conjunction with zig rigs.
Eclipse Baits Fully loaded Spod mix
Shelf life Spod mix. The versatility of this pack allows you to either mix all the components together or use as you require. As it is shelf life you do not need to throw it away at the end of a short session. You can use it in PVA bags mixed up or with a hookbait and groundbait.

Our glugs have been specifically formulated to provide the angler with a superbly versatile product that can be used as a hook bait soak, boilie soak or an additive to virtually any other bait you could imagine, it also has pva friendly properties.

Proven Quality Bait for over 30 years

Dave Poxon Eclipse Baits Consultants

Eclipse Baits is owned and run by Dave Poxon. He has been involved in the research, development and mechanics of carp bait and its manufacture for over 30 years. Dave along with his fishing partner Mark Redding won the Lac de Madine World Carp Classic in 1999. He was one of the early pioneers of commercial bait rolling to the public in the early 1990’s. During which time boilies were only generally available in their component forms. Meaning the customer would have to roll their own boilies. He was also responsible for the manufacture of many leading brands. Including the Rod Hutchinson boilies and Kevin Maddocks range of ready rolled baits. Which were widely distributed throughout Europe accounting for over 100 tons per year of finished boilies.