****** Important customer announcement *****

Please note that we will be on annual shutdown from the 5th of august to the 21st of august this year. Orders can still be placed during this time via our website and production will begin as soon as we’re back. Many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and tight lines.

Eclipse Baits are immensely proud of the fact that we create all of our own baits in house. From the initial design and sourcing of ingredients to the finished end consumer product. Utilising our own extensive knowledge of bait, dietery and nutritional requirements. This includes all the mixing and balancing of raw basemix ingredients. Right the way through to blending our fantastic range of attractors and liquid foods. Ensuring a premium level of quality, consistency and ultimately this means results on the bank for you.

Fishmeal Boilies

Our fishmeal boilies come in three varieties Virus, Tuna and Krill and Viral Fruits. They have matching, fluro and washed out popups and wafters. As well as hard hookbaits and glugs. Our fishmeal boilies can be used all year round as proven by the catch reports on our facebook page. 

Nut Boilies

Our nut boilies come in two varieties Secret A-Peel and Nutmix. They have matching, fluro and washed out popups as well as glugs. The Secret A-Peel range are used by successful match anglers Barry and Benn Oconnor as well as Debbie and Elaine Taylor aka the Carp Girls.

Birdseed Boilies

Our birdseed boilie come in one varietiey Creamball. They have matching, fluro and washed out popups as well as glugs. Whilst this bait will catch fish all year round we have customers that switch to creamball in the colder months.


Our popups have an extreme level of bouyancy with minimal water absorption giving the angler confidence to leave their hookbaits out for the duration of their stay if needed. Available in matching boilie, fluoro, and washed out which match all of our boilie ranges. As well as standard, fluoro and washed out popups.


Our wafters  have been developed to give the angler a massive edge by containing a high proportion of basemix and the optimal level of floatant. It really is hard to see any physical difference between the wafters and free bait. Available in Matching Boilie and washed out which match all of our boilie ranges.


Our I-corns (imitation corn) is very much an overlooked bait. They are small popups made to look like sweetcorn and come in many flavours and colours. The great thing about the i-corns are that they can be used on lakes which have banned plastic baits. Plastics are being banned due to the fact if you crack off they will always be fishing.


Our glugs are produced from our base mix. They are not just a generic syrup with a flavour additive. They are perfect for enhancing the hook bait so the carp homes in on it. They come in matching hookbait flavours in 250ml bottles.


Our gravies have been developed to enhance freebies such as boilies or pellets to create a feeding zone. Pour the gravy over your freebies or into a spod mix. Our gravies come in 500ml bottles. They come in matching boilie flavour as well as specific fish gravy.


Gloops are an exciting range of liquids that stimulate the taste, smell and visual senses by infusing the surrounding water column with an incredible visual cloud of colours and attractors. They come in 50ml bottles in a number of flavours.