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Important Product Release!

Here at Eclipse Baits HQ, we see a vast number of additives throughout the course of a year, some of which prove succesful and some which are unsuitable but for the last 18months we have been trialing an outstanding combination of  additives known [more]

Winter social success!

Winter social success!Will Coakley and Ian Simmons fished a pre Christmas social session at an Essex club lake yesterday for a total of 22 bites between them with the majority of the haul consisting of mid double to high doubles.  A combination of bright 12mm fluro pop ups [more]

Dean spratt stunner from the stow

Dean spratt stunner from the stowthis stunning 28.8 mirrior was caught on a day session recently on the ever faithful virus fluro pink pop up over a pre baited area of virus Boilie! [more]

Brentwood show leaflets!

Brentwood show leaflets!We  have spent a bit of time in the last few weeks preparing for the Brentwood Carp Show in January and our show leaflets have arrived today so here's a quick peek at one and don't forget to grab one on the day!   [more]

More show offers!

More show offers!As the countdown to the Brentwood Carp Show continues we will be announcing many fantastic offers over the coming weeks and here is another incredible deal that we will be offering on the day; Pay 50% deposit on the day for your bait order and recieve [more]

More Brentwood show offers!

We will be offering a superb deal on our fantastic boilie over runs from just £3 per kilo at the 2015 Brentwood carp show! [more]

Brentwood Carp Show 2015 Deals!

Brentwood Carp Show 2015 Deals!As the countdown to the fantastic Brentwood Carp Show begins we thought it would be a great idea to let you all have a sneaky peek at some of the amazing deals that we will be offering on the day so here's the first deal; Choose from any combination of [more]

Eclipse Baits at the Brentwood Carp Show 2015!

Eclipse Baits at the Brentwood Carp Show 2015!We are excited to announce that we will be at the Brentwood Carp Show on the 31st of January and the 1st of February 2015. The last show was an incredible success for everyone that attended such is its popularity and for us it was an ideal venue to showcase [more]

There on the bait!

There on the bait!These two mid twenty mirriors were caught part of a 8 fish haul whilst on a social with a good friend.the virus is now gettin introduced by a number of members and they are all gettin amongst the fish. For me it's been another great year on the bait winning [more]

Another 30 falls to the virus!

Another 30 falls to the virus!This mirrior weighing 34.4 was the last of the fish I needed from my syndicate it's down fall was a virus bottom bait tipped with a white icorn fished in a silty gully at 50 yds [more]


Eclipse Baits & Moorland Fishery France

We are pleased to announce our deal with Moorland Fisheries in France to become their sole bait supplier. We have used our extensive knowledge gained over a number of years to develop a bait for Moorlands. The range will include boilies, popups, glugs, dissovaballs etc. More info to follow with regards the bait range.


Cut Tail at 59lb 0ozKeith Moore owner of Moorland Fishery with Cut tail at 59lb