Eclipse Baits & Mainline Baits

Eclipse Baits are extremely proud to announce that we are now officially a Mainline Baits approved bait roller. We are now offering Mainline Baits as an alternative product line to our own hugely successful range. This is due to our recent facility expansion and increased production capacity.
Dave Poxon (Eclipse Baits) and Kevin Knights (Mainline Baits) friendship stems back to the early 90’s. Where both were considered to be ahead of their times in terms of bait knowledge and production techniques. Therefore we are delighted to see this working relationship continue.
Eclipse Baits will be offering five baits from the extensive Mainline Range Cell, Hybrid, Active 8, New Grange and Fusion in 3 sizes, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. With no extra costs for the smaller baits. With all the extra ancillary products available including Pop-ups, Wafters, Glugged Hookbaits, Hard Hookbaits and Boilie Dips. Because of our huge turnover levels, this enables us to offer some fantastic deals on bulk orders. Such as post free deals on 10kg-100kg boilie only deals. Or our superb package deals which are 5kg, 10kg and 20kg with matching Pop ups and Dips post free, but if its just hookbaits that are required, then we are more than happy to help.

Mainline Bait


Catch Reports

Ian's latest catch report

Ian's latest catch reportIan Simmons managed this pretty fully scaled from a local gravel pit yesterday. The fish fell for a balanced hookbait fished over the top of a bed of a new prototype bait he's testing. [more]

Rob Taylors latest catch report!

Rob Taylors latest catch report!Heres's a bit of a belated catch report from Rob Taylor who recently took the amazing Virus to foreign climes, here's what Rob had to say about his trip! I had five afternoon & evening sessions fishing in Gran Canaria at the famous Lake Chira. I caught 15 [more]

Dean spratt with a few more taken on the virus fluro pop ups!

Dean spratt with a few more taken on the virus fluro pop ups!I Recently visited a tough lake where the fish did not seem interested in feeding at all,so casting at showing fish using a hinged stiff rig using White fluro virus pop ups in 12 mm Was the tactic and it paid of with 4 fish up to 29! [more]

Dean Cheeseman's incredible common!

Dean Cheeseman's incredible common!Dean Cheeseman has recently banked this incredible common of 37lb 14oz from a private Essex syndicate. Dean's succesful tactics were multi-rig fished pop ups over a bed of the amazing Virus. Top angling Dean!!! [more]

Ian's catch report!

Ian's catch report!Ian Simmons fished a day session on a local gravel pit on Saturday to take this lovely old fully scaled mirror. Succesful tactics were a balanced hookbait fished over the top of a small amount of a new prototype boilie with some hemp and boilie crumb at [more]

Rob Taylors latest catch report.

Rob Taylors latest catch report.Rob Taylor has been in touch a couple of weeks ago with news of his latest catch from a very pressured tricky undisclosed venue, it was also Rob's 1st time out with the awesome Virus. The lovely looking mirror weighed in at 21lb 9oz. [more]

Ian Simmons latest catch report.

Ian Simmons latest catch report.Ian Simmons banked this lovely scaly fish during a short session on Saturday. The succesful tactic was a balanced hookbait fished over a new prototype bait Ian is currently testing and a small amount of particle. [more]

Craig Stones catch report!

Craig Stones catch report!Essex based big carp angler Craig Stones has kindly been in touch with another haul of fish falling for the ever consistent Virus. Heres what Craig had to say, It has been my 1st weekend back on the syndicate since Christmas and the mighty Virus has [more]

Ian Simmons latest catch report.

Ian Simmons latest catch report.Ian Simmons has fished a few short sessions on a local gravel pit to take a couple of good doubles and a lovely 22lb 8oz mirror. All the fish have fallen for balanced hookbaits fished over the top of some crumbled creamball and a scattering of broken [more]

Wesley penns good start on the virus!!

Wesley penns good start on the virus!!Wesley penn didn't take long to get amongst the fish after picking up his 1st order of virus!despite the lake not doing a fish for 6 weeks wes went on to bank two with this stunning 24lb mirrior being the biggest,a virus fluro pop up fished over matching 12 [more]