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Eclipse Baits at the Brentwood Carp Show 2015!

Eclipse Baits at the Brentwood Carp Show 2015!We are excited to announce that we will be at the Brentwood Carp Show on the 31st of January and the 1st of February 2015. The last show was an incredible success for everyone that attended such is its popularity and for us it was an ideal venue to showcase [more]

There on the bait!

There on the bait!These two mid twenty mirriors were caught part of a 8 fish haul whilst on a social with a good friend.the virus is now gettin introduced by a number of members and they are all gettin amongst the fish. For me it's been another great year on the bait winning [more]

Another 30 falls to the virus!

Another 30 falls to the virus!This mirrior weighing 34.4 was the last of the fish I needed from my syndicate it's down fall was a virus bottom bait tipped with a white icorn fished in a silty gully at 50 yds [more]

Virus still doing it for dean in the cold!

Virus still doing it for dean in the cold!This stunning mirrior was a part of a 2 fish catch on a local pond!a chopped down virus bottom bait fished tight to a rush bed on the far margin was the successful tactic [more]

34.8 mirrior on the virus

34.8 mirrior on the virusThis mirrior was a recapture both times caught on a virus pop up over a heavy scattering of matching bottom baits [more]

Ian's latest catch report.

Ian's latest catch report.Ian Simmons fished a day session on Saturday at an Essex club water where he landed a couple of lovely upper double commons. Ian's fish fell for a pop up hookbait fished in conjunction with 4 bait stringers over a bed of matching prototype bait . [more]

jamellas beast

jamellas beastjamella flopped this beast out of the rise syndicate on the virus! it was a new pb at 42lb fished over 3kg freebies [more]

Important announecment!

Important announecment!Eclipse Baits are pleased to announce that as part of the on going expansion of our facilities, our drying room extension has now been completed  increasing our capacity by a significant 400%-500%. A section of the drying room. The all [more]

Steve strikes again!

Steve strikes again!Steve Newman has been in touch with some fantastic news as he's managed a new p.b. this weekend in the shape of this lovely 44lb common caught from the Area 52 syndicate in Reading. Steves fish fell for a virus bottom bait tipped with a 12mm nutmix pop up [more]

Keith Moors bags "the pipe smoker"

Keith Moors bags Keith Moors has kindly sent over a photo of a recent personal best common known as "the pipe smoker" weighing in at a massive 53lb 8oz from his fantastic Moorlands Fisheries in France, the incredible looking fish fell for the Moorlands Mix. Top angling Keith [more]


Eclipse Baits & Moorland Fishery France

We are pleased to announce our deal with Moorland Fisheries in France to become their sole bait supplier. We have used our extensive knowledge gained over a number of years to develop a bait for Moorlands. The range will include boilies, popups, glugs, dissovaballs etc. More info to follow with regards the bait range.


Cut Tail at 59lb 0ozKeith Moore owner of Moorland Fishery with Cut tail at 59lb