Eclipse Baits & Mainline Baits

Eclipse Baits are extremely proud to announce that we are now officially a Mainline Baits approved bait roller. We are now offering Mainline Baits as an alternative product line to our own hugely successful range. This is due to our recent facility expansion and increased production capacity.
Dave Poxon (Eclipse Baits) and Kevin Knights (Mainline Baits) friendship stems back to the early 90’s. Where both were considered to be ahead of their times in terms of bait knowledge and production techniques. Therefore we are delighted to see this working relationship continue.
Eclipse Baits will be offering five baits from the extensive Mainline Range Cell, Hybrid, Active 8, New Grange and Fusion in 3 sizes, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. With no extra costs for the smaller baits. With all the extra ancillary products available including Pop-ups, Wafters, Glugged Hookbaits, Hard Hookbaits and Boilie Dips. Because of our huge turnover levels, this enables us to offer some fantastic deals on bulk orders. Such as post free deals on 10kg-100kg boilie only deals. Or our superb package deals which are 5kg, 10kg and 20kg with matching Pop ups and Dips post free, but if its just hookbaits that are required, then we are more than happy to help.

Mainline Bait


Catch Reports

Craig Stones latest catch report!

Craig Stones latest catch report!Craig Stones has kindly been in touch with his latest catch report which as usual features some awesome fish. Craig fished a  48hr session to take 2 stunning mirrors of 33lb 12oz and 25lb 10oz from his favoured swim at an Essex venue. Craig's tactics were [more]

Ian Simmons latest fish!

Ian Simmons latest fish!Ian Simmons fished a short session over an Essex venue to take 3 fish including this lovely 20+ common. Ian fished a silty area at 75 yards to the back of a bar surrounded by weed and spombed a bed of broken and whole Tuna and Krill boilies mixed with a [more]

Will Coakley's latest haul!

Will Coakley's latest haul!Will Coakley has really been getting amongst the fish lately and here is part of his latest haul which consisted of 3 fish including this lovely 22lb common and a stunning 20lb mirror. Will fished a silty gulley at 80 yards and spombed a kilo bed of Virus [more]

Ian Simmons short session rewards.

Ian Simmons short session rewards.Ian Simmons fished a short session on an Essex venue Sunday to take 2 fish of 20lb 2oz and 25lb 8oz on the Tuna and Krill boilies. Ian offered pop ups fished over the top of a bed of whole and broken baits at 80yards to the back of a bar. [more]

Will Coakley's afternoon result!

Will Coakley's afternoon result!Will Coakley fished a short afternoon session on Saturday at an Essex mere to take 3 stunning commons up to 21lb 2oz despite the horrendous conditions we suffered over the weekend. Will's fish fell for a Virus snowman fished over a kilo bed of Virus freebies [more]

Steve Newman's haul!

Steve Newman's haul!Steve Newman fished a short overnight session on an Essex club water to be rewarded with a 3 fish haul, and this lovely 28lb common being the best of the bunch. Steve fished at 4oyrd's range and presented a Virus snowman with a nutmix topper over a bed of [more]

Ian Simmons catch report!

Ian Simmons catch report!Ian Simmons managed this lovely 20lb 4oz common from an Essex water on a recent day session using the Tuna and Krill bait. Ian fished a balanced hook bait over the top of a bed of whole and broken baits at 5oyrds to a slight gravel undulation surrounded by [more]

Tuna and Krill released!

Tuna and Krill released!We have had an overwhelming amount of response and interest from the public regarding this fantastic bait and are pleased to say we have brought the release date forwards as it is available to order and purchase from us now. The development of this bait has [more]

'Tuna and Krill' product update!

We are very excited by the re-release of the upgraded Tuna and Butyric bait and to mark the occasion we will be re-naming the bait to the 'Tuna and Krill' due to the addition of some ultra effective key ingredients . This bait just like its predecessor is [more]

Important product announcement!

Eclipse Baits have developed and produced some phenomenal baits and industry firsts over the years, most of which still feature amongst our current product ranges and have more than stood the test of time although now and again we have to drop a product [more]